The Audrey Jacket | Its Benefits

The Audrey JacketAs promised, we have returned to you with a follow up of the previous feature on the Audrey Jacket, also known as tuxedo, blazer or smoking for women. If that garment benefits of one too many denominations – certainly not enough given its importance – it is because it is a crucial item for women to have in their closets.


We all know, and from experience forehand, that ironically, the only stable thing about England’s weather is its instability. These few hours in soaking up the sun in the park or sipping Pims in Chelsea Farmers Market could easily be perceived as a mirage the following day when its pouring rain.  But my point here is far from being philosophical in terms of urging you to “cease the day” or “enjoy every moment”. I am actually getting to the first and most evident benefit of the blazer, which is in its practicality. These are the days that mark the transition between both winter and summer seasons. What better way to stay warm, yet not be too stuffed with layers piled upon our figures than a well-tailored jacket?


Aside from benefits of practicality, the blazer’s most fundamental benefit is its versatility. Depending on how you wear it, you can either dress it down for a casual outing, or pair it with a flirty cocktail dress for an important night out.


Moreover, the tuxedo is a key garment for every workingwoman. Ever since its creation, it has translated, regardless of the different styles and tweaks, connotations of gender and empowerment. When a woman is wearing a blazer, she feels stronger, in control, and dominant. The blazer has revolutionized throughout the history of fashion the gender roles and connotations of power. When we, tall women, wear one of those “closet must-haves”, we should even feel taller (in no other way than the good way) and much more secure in our skins. The fact that blazers today come with a wide variety of shapes, styles, cuts and colors has rendered the dressing up part of our day quite fun may I say. Indeed, dressing up for work doesn’t have to be a bore anymore! And on the contrary, if you are sporting a blazer like our Audrey jacket, you would feel refreshed, invigorated and powerful.


The benefits of the blazer go on and on. Further than a mere practical item in our closet, it has touched on numerous sectors of our lives from psychological, to cultural and historical, to fashion and beauty.


I leave you to ponder upon the benefits of the Audrey Jacket. Until next week, with another feature discussing possible blazer styles!