The Audrey Jacket | A Match Made In Heaven

Wide Leg TrouserThe oh-so-famous “don’t look back, you are not going that way” quote might not exactly be quite accurate and correct when it comes to the fashion industry. Whether we like it or not, this industry never ceases to draw inspiration from the past. The Seventies trend, and wide leg trousers in particular, are one of the key trends that will make a noticeable comeback this Spring/Summer season. A refreshing change from the skinny trousers, yet as versatile as they work perfectly well from the office to the bar. And what better way to top up that look than with the even more versatile Audrey Jacket. Now this is definitely a match made in heaven. Compatible to say the very least, the Audrey Jacket paired up with wide leg trousers form a classy and chic work attire, or an ensemble guaranteed to make you stand out – the good kind of way – during a business meeting. It is no coincidence that the Audrey Jacket’s first initial is A, probably the grade it deserves if ever to be marked. Ace that work outfit!