The Hepburn Trouser | The Tall Tailored Trouser

The Hepburn Trouser | The Tall Tailored TrouserThe fashion industry is celebrating today, and every day, yet another staple crucial to every empowered woman out there that stands tall: the tailored trouser.


This is the urging trend that requires to be pressed, have knife pleats and come in black, camel or grey. Some might think it’s boring and dull, others might say it’s classic and smart. I definitely say it’s a winner.


Renowned designers have taken up the trend to another level. From Balenciaga, to Phillip Lim to Helmut Lang, just to name a few. Tailored pants particularly flatter taller women, which is why they are essential garments within the “One Seven Three” selling closet. Thanks to the specific tailoring and emphasis on the parallel leg, women’s legs are beautifully elongated, thus giving them a beautiful figure. Our Hepburn Trousers come in black, a classic, yet playful when accessorised with colour.


Now most of you readers might think that the tailored trousers look pretty hanging in your wardrobe. But when it comes to actually wearing them on Monday morning, after a nice weekend of relaxing in a comfortable pair of jeans, well, this is the nightmare. Think again. Our Hepburn trousers are made of lightweight wool. Not only are they stylish with the front seam and two pockets, but they are also comfortable making Mondays mornings to work something not to be dread anymore! They are slightly tapered around the ankle, giving your legs just enough room to breathe. And if you pair the Hepburn trouser with our Audrey Tailored Jacket, your look is complete!



Posted on October 28, 2014 by Farah Yaktine