How to rock your Audrey Jacket

Olivia Palermo Statement NecklaceThey say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. There’s a lot of truth in that statement. But I can personally think of a better kind of statement that includes as much truth as the previous one. And by statement - I mean statement necklaces. Yes, they are your best friend ladies, especially with your Audrey Jacket.


What better way to spice up a plain blazer than with a bold piece of jewellery. Chunky may not be a compliment in the fashion world, but when it comes to fashion forward neck-wear, it definitely is the way to go.


Add bits of your favourite jewellery and go downtown stylish with the Audrey jacket look. Bulky and embellished statement necklaces are the missing touch to your outfit when wearing a blazer. Statement necklaces have reinvented glamour that was once reserved solely for those who could afford high-end brands.


Consider your Audrey Jacket literally as a blank palette to which you could add any accessory that expresses your personal fashion style. Whether your style is glamorous, hippy-chic, classic, funky or basic, a statement necklace reveals in a fashion forward way who you are! Celebrities are increasingly opting for this style statement with all sorts of necklaces, from layered ones to unique metalwork; these fashion essentials have essentially added an extra flair to basic blazers. Check out style icon Olivia Palermo who added a chunky metallic embellished necklace onto a simple top and blazer: the outfit is a massive win! So here you have it ladies, don’t be intimidated by everything that’s chunky! Sometimes chunky and bold, and particularly in the fashion world, is the right size to opt for!